Rotation PhD Programme in Plant and Microbial Sciences

Supported by the John Innes Foundation



The prestigious programme is designed for outstanding applicants with excellent academic records who show the potential for research at the highest level. Special features of the programme include the freedom to select three mini-projects in the first eight months and empowerment to select both the topic and the supervisor for your main research project.


During the first rotation year, you will undertake ten-week research projects with three different supervisors located in any of the three partner institutes. You will learn from your fellow rotation students in this multidisciplinary programme through a fortnightly journal club and through research presentations at the end of each rotation. You will be mentored by the programme tutor, a senior academic and a rotation student from the previous year-group. You will rapidly become familiar with a wide range of scientific approaches that encompass genetics, genomics and cell biology through to molecular biology, computational biology, microbiology, biological chemistry, applied mathematics, and systems biology. The objective of the first eight months is for you to gain broad technical and theoretical training prior to the selection of a main research project and supervisor leading to the submission of a high quality PhD thesis within a total of four years.


This programme involves three internationally respected research institutes in Norwich, United Kingdom: the John Innes Centre, The Sainsbury Laboratory and the Earlham Institute. It is the longest running rotation programme in plant and microbial sciences in the UK with a proven track record in research training and academic excellence since 2003. The 4-year studentship includes a generous stipend, university registration fees and research/training funds. It is open to UK, EU and International students. You will be registered for your degree at the University of East Anglia.



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